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About Me

I am a Certified Mind Coach, Life Coach, Business Coach and NLP Practitioner (Irish Institute of Neurolinguistic Programming) with a Diploma in Neurolinguistic Programming (David Key and the Auspicium, UK). Combining both disciplines of Coaching and NLP creates a highly effective method for change, enabling you to achieve your goals.

Combining both disciplines of Coaching and NLP creates a highly effective method for change, enabling you to achieve your goals.

Coaching is a all about getting the right result for you. It is very powerful and efficient as it concentrates on you, the person, helping you to discover what you want and the best way for you to achieve it. It is highly individual and totally tailored around you, your resources, skills, beliefs, behaviours and experiences. In effect, it helps you to create a personal roadmap to get you to where you want to be.

Sometimes we have limiting beliefs which hold us back from moving on and achieving the success we want. These beliefs can be inherited from our families or from past experiences and may have been useful in the past, but can prove to be unresourceful to us now. When we examine these beliefs, we often realise that we don’t really hold them to be true anymore, so we change that belief and in doing so remove the obstacle that was holding us back from
It is easy to get stuck in a rut and often we do not know how or what to change in our lives, only that we want something different. As a Coach, I will help you to identify what you want,work with you to discover how to achieve it and guide you through the choices, changes and skills you need to get you there.
Coaching is a non-judgemental and supportive discipline that uses empathy and humour to help you to work through your difficulties, stresses and problems. The main goal of Coaching is to
improve your quality of life and be your best self. I am passionate about helping people live the best lives that they can, assisting them in achieving their goals, with specifically designed strategies that enable them to use their own resources and skills in order to achieve their desired
Coaching sessions are fun, informative, positive and life affirming. Sessions are held in the Willow Rooms, Skerries, an absolute haven of peace and tranquility.

For those who are uncomfortable in a face to face setting, I offer the option of Ecotherapy.This incorporates strolling around the beautiful beach and village of Skerries, chatting, while working through your difficulties and problems, supporting and facilitating you to discover the best solutions and strategies for you.


If you are confused, unhappy, overwhelmed, lacking in confidence or just don’t know where to
start, I’ll help you to explore your options and resources, to maximise your full potential. I’ll guide you, encourage you, mentor you, assist you, and empower you to get to where you want to be. Sometimes we just need to be heard, to be listened to. This is what I offer you, a chance to be heard, respected and encouraged, objectively, with your needs first and foremost.                                              


The simple answer is that NLP uses language (lingo) to explore our experiences (neuro) and
help us to make the necessary changes (programs) we need to achieve our goals.
It is known as the Study of Excellence, invented by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, a
student of Psychology and a Psychology Professor, to discover how successful people
consistently get good results. By modelling or studying these people and what they did and do,
the NLP model was developed to help everyone achieve the best results that they can.
We all have our own model of the world, built from all the experiences, information and facts
we take in through our senses. When we take in this information we filter and format it
according to our own personal programmes or systems and come up with our own reality.
Have you ever noticed how people, especially family members can have a totally different
interpretation of a situation or recall a memory in a different way. That’s down to the
individual filtering and perceptions each individual has.
If you can identify the progammes/systems, understand the different filters and talk to someone
in the language they receive and understand best, then you can empower them to achieve and
succeed, in the most simple and straight forward way, removing any obstacles or blockages in
their path.

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